Проект для завода высоковольтных кабелей

Alves Kablo - High-Tension Cable Factory Revision and Installation (2019 / ANKARA)

Our project includes the revision of the machines in the cable factory whose activities have been terminated and the turnkey high-tension cable factory installation. We revised the existing machines of our customers and made them work again, besides, we produced the missing machines that they needed. The mechanical stages of our revised and manufactured machines were carried out by the Berkand Makina company, and the electrical and automation stages were carried out by the Proton Automation company.

Transportation of the machines to be revised to our factory for dismantling and revision,
Cable Factory installation project,
Confirmation that the machines are working again,
Manufacture of the needed machines,
Establishing the layout and design of the cable factory,
Establishment of the cable factory,
Confirmation that the machines and all electronic - automation panels are operational,