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Our Human Resources Policy

To use human resources, which we regard as the most important capital of BERKAND Makina, in achieving the objectives of the organization effectively, employing people in a position to meet the needs of the company at any time, to appreciation and motivate employees, to enable employees to realize their career goals in accordance with their performance. is the essence.

Our aim is to gain dynamic and creative individuals who are open to innovations and change, aiming to develop themselves and their business continuously, working sincerely in line with the company's interests, and to have the human resources that carry our company to the determined targets within the framework of corporate culture.

To establish lasting and long-term relationships based on trust in a good working environment where talents are developed, participation and teamwork are encouraged.

BERKAND Machinery employs a rigorous and rigorous recruitment process to place the right candidates in the right positions.

The person's CV is examined,
BERKAND Makina job application form is requested for the person deemed suitable for the position,
Evaluation of BERKAND Makina job application form,
Appointment by considering the qualifications of the applicant,
Panel discussion with the relevant person according to the date and time of the appointment,
Making a job offer by discussing with the manager of the unit where he / she will start the task.
In personnel recruitment, the following questions about the applicant are sought;

Does it have the necessary equipment for the job?
Is it appropriate for corporate culture?
Does he care about teamwork?
Is he capable of taking responsibility?
Is it customer-oriented?
Can he communicate well with his environment?
The positive answers to the above questions are basic data that affect our recruitment.