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Career Management

Our Human Resources Process;
Selection> Assessment> Development> Career Planning> Retirement

BERKAND Machinery;
General manager
Deputy chief
... has a hierarchical order.
It is our basic policy that employees are able to perform their duties in the most efficient conditions, and achieve their career goals through continuous learning. For this reason, a personalized career process is initiated in line with the targets obtained in the performance evaluation results at the end of the year applied to all employees in our company. The promotion of the personnel during the career process is only possible if he has worked for at least 2 years in his title.

For us, the career path is not only to move to a higher position, but also to increase the performance of the person and to reach bigger goals.

At the same time, if the personnel in our organization have the necessary experience, skills, talent, desire to develop themselves and have education, it is considered as a priority for a vacant position.

It is aimed to accelerate the adaptation of the person to the company and his / her tendency to work with the new Adaptation Program (Orientation Program) of our new friends. Within this program, new staff;

The Company's vision and mission, human resources strategies and practices, promotions and information on its position are communicated, and employees are integrated in a short time.

Internal and External Trainings: It is aimed to contribute to the professional and personal development areas of our employees, to further develop their strong areas, to enrich their knowledge and thus to increase their performance.


Career goal
Success Level
Increased productivity
Business development
Support for teammates
Compliance with change requirements, etc. evaluation of aspects.
It is a management technique that is performed once at the end of the year and ensures that personnel activities are realized in line with the objectives of the institution. In our company, performance management system is applied to our employees according to the scoring method.